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Elim Counselling Services is a Christian Counselling service located in Ottawa, Canada. Our primary goal is to help people cope with and overcome life’s challenges. Although Elim incorporates psychological techniques and interventions used in other clinical settings, Elim counsellors are also trained in understanding spiritual issues which are often raised by clients. At Elim, we believe that a person’s faith in God can be a very important asset in accomplishing therapeutic goals. This is not unique to Elim; many of the most successful programs such as the 12 step Gamblers Anonymous program and the Alcoholic Anonymous Program have cited belief in a higher power as one of their key steps in overcoming addiction.

Counselling at Elim meets the professional requirements necessary for certification by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). As such we are not only able to offer professional service of the highest quality but also adhere to the ethical standards specified by CCPA. Elim is also verified in PsychologyToday as a mental health organization offering psychological services in Ottawa, Canada.

About the Name Elim

Elim, in scripture, is a place of rest, peace, and renewed hope after a period of hardship, conflict, and disappointment. Through the counselling we offer,  many of our clients who were faced with very difficult challenges have likewise found rest, hope, and peace after coming to us with major challenges in their lives.

About the Director

Michael Hart is a highly qualified psychotherapist who’s training and experience allow him to use the respected Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) designation of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. In 2015 Michael Hart was awarded the prestigious Private Practitioner of the Year Award by the Receiving Award 3Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, Private Practitioner Chapter. In addition to counselling clients, Michael offers seminars on a number of mental health and marital topics. His Good Grief Seminars and Kingdom Couples Workshops are well attended by couples and individuals across Ottawa and from the surrounding areas. Michael is a dynamic presenter and a gifted communicator who presents serious topics in a way that is easily understood and very entertaining.

Michael is  also the host of a counselling radio show, Life Transformations, broadcasted on CHRI 99.1 FM everry Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. The show presents discussion about important mental health topics and also features guests who have had their lives transformed as a result of counselling at Elim.

Cornwall Website PictureMichael’s academic writings and research have earned him two St. Peter’s Awards from St. Paul University in Ottawa for excellence in the area of Christian Spirituality. Michael is mentioned on the Christian Counselling Network as a Christian Counsellor having the qualifications and training in both theology and counselling and as such is recognized as being a Christian Counsellor who not only goes by the name but is truly qualified to offer professional Christian Counselling.

How to get started

To book an appointment or make an inquiry please contact us by calling (613) 699-1677 or by email at mhart@elimcounsellingministry.com. All inquiries are treated with the strictest of confidence. You can also start the process of getting help by filling out our Counselling Inquiry Form.

Our mailing address is: 1825 St. Joseph Boulevard, Ottawa Ontario, Canada, K1C 7J5.

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