Couples’ Counselling

Couples counselling indicates counselling for all couples whether married or not. This includes couples living in common-law relationships, couples engaged to be married, as well as couples who are married.  Counselling is not only for couples in troubled relationships but also for couples who have fairly happy relationships but want to take their relationship to the next level.

Who needs Couples Counselling?

10secretshappy08The following questions may help you determine if there is a need for professional help

                      1. Are you having trouble discussing issues in a way that makes you feel heard?
                      2. Is there something or someone that has come between you and your partner?
                      3. Are you feeling resentment because of something that has occurred in the past?
                      4. Do you sense that your partner is becoming more and more distant from you but feel powerless to do anything about it?
                      5. Does your relationship lack intimacy ?
                      6. Do attempts to discussing issues leave you feeling bewildered and confused?

A “yes” answer to any of the above questions may indicate the need for professional help.

What if my partner refuses to get help?

It is not necessary that both partners start counselling at the same time. If one partner refuses to get help, counselling  may enable the other partner to deal with the issue/issues in ways that promote  harmony in the home. Counselling may also help the willing partner to learn proper boundaries and to stop the cycle of dysfunction.

How does Christian Counselling apply to Couples Counselling?

Christian Counselling provides Christian couples with the opportunity to involve their faith as part of the counselling process. Counsellors at Elim are specially trained  to incorporate the spiritual aspects of the clients’ life into the counselling process if clients so desire. Christian Counselling in no way implies that couples have to be Christians in belief or practice.

How much does Couples Counselling Cost?

Counselling at Elim is based on household income, making it affordable to couples even with low household incomes.

How do I get started?

To book an appointment or make an inquiry please contact us by calling (613) 699-1677 or by email at All inquiries are treated with the strictest of confidence. You can also start the process of getting help by filling out our Counselling Inquiry Form.

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