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Pitfalls of Christian Counselling

Pitfalls  of Christian Counselling by Michael Hart, MA,CCC Christian Counselling has been validated by scientific studies as being beneficial in dealing with a wide range of mental health and relationship issues. However, as with other types of counselling, it is not without its  dangers. This article will examine three pitfalls of Christian Counselling that should […]

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The Anatomy of a Good Christian Counsellor

by Michael Hart, MA, CCC One study conducted in the United States showed that 66% of the population would prefer that their therapist embrace spiritual beliefs. The growing popularity of Christian Counselling in Ottawa and across Canada may indicate that the percentage is as high in Canada as well. As the demand for Christian Counselling […]

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Is Christian Counselling Effective in Helping Couples?

by Michael Hart, MA,CCC Christian Counselling is now growing in terms of its popularity all around the world. Gone are the days when anything to do with religion was looked upon by psychologists and counsellors as being detrimental to one’s mental health. A plethora of studies have now shown that spiritual belief, a belief in […]

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Christian Counselling vs Secular Psychology: Is Prayer Good for Mental Health?

by Michael Hart, MA CCC In the early years of psychology, particularly during the era of Freud, prayer and other spiritual disciplines were viewed negatively and were largely scoffed at by those in the field of mental health. Christian Counselling therapists that advocated prayer as a coping mechanism for their clients were often scoffed at […]

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Christian Counselling

Therapists and Psychologists approach therapy from values that inherently define who they are. Freud approached counselling from a perspective that saw religion in a negative light. Christian Counselling approaches therapy from a world view that embraces healthy Christian practices and beliefs. Christian Counselling in this context means professional counselling which meets the standard of the […]

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Teen Leaves Inspiring Message on Youtube Before His Death on Christmas Day

Teen Ben Breedlove, who died on Christmas day 2011, shared his emotionally moving story of his many brushes with death just days before his heart condition took his life. Ben’s story shows us that it is possible to have peace in the midst of the adversities of life. Ben’s death is also a reminder that […]

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