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Freedom From Negative Generational Influence

Freedom from Negative Generational Influence To Register Click Here Our Freedom From Negative Generational Influence  seminar will be held on Thursday November 26th, 2015 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at 838 York Street in Cornwall. Are you repeating patterns of addiction, abuse or promiscuity displayed by your parents? Do you find yourself repeating behaviors you […]

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Curing Clutter

In the article “Lighten Up” from Psychology Today, Pamela Weintraub explores how clutter can affect a person’s life and emotions. She explained that over the years, she and her family collected so many things that she came to the point where she sought ‘an antidote to the stress caused by clutter’. To accumulate things, she […]

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The Fine Line Between Beneficial and Detrimental

An article published in Psychology Today (When Virtue Becomes Vice, October 2013) took an interesting look at some of the traits that are often revered – virtues, if you will – and made a claim that any virtue, when taken too far, can be very unhealthy. It states that “some virtues are just a few degrees away […]

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A Remarkable Story of Forgiveness

A core principle of Christian Counselling at Elim is that it is possible to forgive those who hurt us. Contrary to what others might teach, we do not believe that this is always an easy process and a simple matter of the will. We recognize that true forgiveness can be a difficult process that requires […]

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How Our Brains Can Change

It used to be assumed that the brain is defined early on in life – no new brain cells are generated in adulthood, the brain is simply in a state of decline. We now understand that our brains are not “set”, so to speak – they are constantly developing and changing. This video explains how […]

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Sex Addiction

This video explores the story of a couple whose marriage was ruined by sex addiction and the healing they experienced in turning to God.

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Experiencing Depression

Chonda Pierce, a well-known Christian comedian, talks about her experience with depression.

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Understanding Addictions

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Loving Someone With Depression

Sometimes relationships start with an awareness of a partner’s current or past struggle with depression, and a good idea of the challenge the couple is entering into. Other times, the depression doesn’t exist or isn’t obvious until much later down the road. And, as was the case in my relationship, sometimes a couple may think […]

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Pornography Addiction

 Life Transformations airs at 9:30 AM every Monday on CHRI family radio (99.1 fm in Ottawa, 88.1 in Cornwall and 100.7 in Pembroke). Featuring Michael Hart as host,  this show highlights stories of life transformation, with testimonies of past clients and various guest speakers who work in the field of mental health.

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