Couples’ Communication Part I

Melissa Waggott and Michael Hart discuss a very important component of intimate relationships – communication. Effective communication is a crucial aspect of satisfactory relationships, and it is not as simple as people assume it to be. Michael points out that simply being present is not the same as listening, and talking with one another is not necessarily the same as communicating.

Communication is actually cited as being one of the top reasons for divorce – falling ahead of reasons such as infidelity, abuse, loss of interest, and addiction. Why is communication so important? Communication impacts every issue in a relationship – talks about finances, dissatisfaction or past hurts can be very positive or very negative depending on how well a couple can communicate. Simply put – communication can make or break a relationship.

Melissa and Michael also discuss conflict and the role communication plays in this area. Healthy conflict can actually be strengthening for a relationship and this comes about by – you guessed it – good communication! Unproductive conflict management styles are discussed and the 5 pitfalls of communication (Denial, Deflection, Disruption, Diminishing and Demonizing) are explained.

Also interesting are the differences between male and female communication styles, the impact of upbringing on communication patterns, and the challenges these can pose when trying to find a healthy style of communication for you and your partner.

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