Healing Retreat, June 8 – 10, 2018

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Who could benefit from this retreat?

Emotional healing can help people who have suffered abuse, abandonment, neglect, betrayal, rejection or other deep emotional pain. Some of these emotional injuries may have happened in childhood but could also have to do with current issues such as divorce or bereavement which often triggers feelings of abandonment, betrayal or other strong feelings of hurt.


   Where will the retreat be held?

The retreat location will be at the Providence Point Retreat Center in Lanark, Ontario. Although just an hour from downtown Ottawa, Providence Point, with its towering trees, scenic lake, and nature trails, provides the tranquility and peacefulness that one needs in a retreat center.


What if I can’t remember past hurt but feel I have been emotionally injured?

In many cases, people may have little or no recollection of the emotional injury. However, for people who have been abandoned, they may have a deep sense of not belonging, or in cases of abuse victims, they may be emotionally triggered by situations which bring back “felt memory” of the abuse. It is not necessary for the memory to be there, what is necessary is a sense of having troubling emotions or unwanted reactions that need to be overcome.In many cases, behaviors such as drug use, promiscuity, and self-harm could be attempts to silence the emotional pain. A healing retreat can be an excellent opportunity to overcome the deeper emotional issues that are behind unwanted behaviours.



What can I expect after receiving emotional healing?

Emotional healing allows you to let go of old emotions that you may have been carrying around for years. People who have experienced emotional healing report feeling as if they have let go of a load that they have been carrying around for years. Some people experience physical healing from symptoms such as headaches, stomach problems, and muscular pain.For example, researchers tell us that forgiveness leads to better mental and physical health and longer life expectancy (Journal of Health Psychology,2016 Vol.21 (6) 1004 -1014.).

What can I expect at the retreat?

The retreat will provide a comfortable and peaceful environment in which attendees can detach from the busyness of life that often prevents us from getting in touch with emotional pain, and that stands in the way of true healing and deliverance. Through the use of biblical teachings on subjects such as forgiveness, generational influence, and resentment, attendees will be given a thorough understanding of how past events may have affected them and may still be affecting their general wellbeing in life. Attendees will be led through a series of activities that are intended bring closure to past events and set them on a new path of self-awareness and emotional health.

How many attendees are you accepting?

We have limited the size to 12 guests. We have limited the size of the group to be more able to meet the specific needs of those who attend.

How much will it cost?

The retreat provides accommodation and meals for all attendees from checking in on Friday afternoon to departure on Sunday morning. The cost of accommodation for the weekend, all meals, group teaching sessions, and personal emotional healing sessions will be $350 (early bird rate) per person if payment is made before May 1st, 2018. The rate after May 1st will be $450.




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