Online tests for mental health

The internet is a wealth of information, and more and more it is becoming the first, if not the only, place people turn to for answers to any and all of their questions. Using the internet to find a “diagnosis”  can be a very slippery slope. While it can be helpful to review the symptoms and traits of a particular disorder or disease, there are also challenges in finding reliable, accurate information; ensuring that proper medical attention is received if necessary and undue stress caused from assuming you have a condition you may not actually have (or the flip side of that, dismissing symptoms with the assumption that you do not have a particular condition when in fact you may).

The following tests are preliminary tests only and are not intended to serve as a diagnosis in any way – you cannot be diagnosed without consulting a medical professional. They do not replace formal psychiatric and psychological evaluation.

1. Depression Test:

2. Anxiety Test:

3. Child Internet Addiction Test:

4. Porn and Sex Addiction Test:

5. Battered Spouse Test:

6. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Test:


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