Kingdom Life Workshop – Porn and the Christian Family

Pornography and the Christian Family

Why this workshop?
Pornography has become a major problem for Christian families but it’s the issue that is hardly ever talked about in church circles. In a survey of men who had recently attended a Promise Keepers conference, 50% of the respondents reported that they had viewed porn within a week of attending the conference. Pornography addiction not only affects the intimacy of couples, it also impacts the couple’s spiritual union, leading to feelings of guilt, bitterness, and a sense of alienation from God.

What this workshop will cover:

  • negative consequences of addiction to pornography
  • strategies for overcoming the addiction and its negative effects on families and individuals
Who can benefit from this workshop:
  • Those battling porn addiction
  • Leaders wanting to equip themselves to help those struggling with porn addiction
  • Parents of teenagers who are viewing or suspected of viewing porn
  • Spouses of porn addicts
  • Those wishing to find out more about the effects and dangers of porn addiction

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