Teen Leaves Inspiring Message on Youtube Before His Death on Christmas Day

Teen Ben Breedlove, who died on Christmas day 2011, shared his emotionally moving story of his many brushes with death just days before his heart condition took his life. Ben’s story shows us that it is possible to have peace in the midst of the adversities of life. Ben’s death is also a reminder that some times God does not take us out of our sufferings, but instead, carries us through them.

Part 1

Part 2

It seems as if Ben had a faith belief that helped him cope with his life threatening illness. It appeared from the video that Ben was peaceful even though he knew he could die at any moment. Christian Counselling at Elim recognizes that belief in God can be a very powerful coping mechanism and, as a result, we welcome the faith beliefs of clients in our counselling sessions. The term Christian Counselling underscores the fact that unlike secular counselling services, that at time scoffs at the faith beliefs of clients, we see faith beliefs as an asset. Christian Counselling also means that our counsellors are specially trained in the art of incorporating faith beliefs as a means of helping clients meet their therapeutic objectives.


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